For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.
- Final stanza, “The Hill We Climb”

Amanda Gorman’s rousing inauguration poem for President Joe Biden will probably go down as one of the great clarion calls in history. Asking Americans to be better than we have behaved in recent times and for all people “to put our future first”. …

I first published this in April — it is still relevant as the year ends…

Since 2015, 10.7% of all new jobs in the US of A came from five energy sectors. The amazing thing is that those five sectors only employ about 5.4% of Americans, or 8.24 million people.

6 Ways that Rats and New Energy Nexus are alike!

As this week marks the beginning of the Year of the Metal Rat for those following and celebrating that zodiac (much of the world in China and East Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Japan), I’ve taken a tangent…

Danny Kennedy

Upstart supporter; Sungevity, Powerhouse, Mosaic, Sunergise, Powerhive; VoteSolar, Power 4 All, SolarPhilippines; CEO, New Energy Nexus and MD, CalCEF

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